New Jersey Electricity Buyers Brace for Rate Increases Following Annual Auction

New Jersey Electricity Buyers Brace for Rate Increases Following Annual Auction


The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) recently announced the outcomes of the annual Basic Generation Service (BGS) auction, a yearly process that sets the electricity rates for the state's ratepayers for the forthcoming 12-month period starting June 1, 2024. This year's auction results have indicated a statewide increase in electricity costs, affecting customers of New Jersey's Electric Distribution Companies (EDCs) in varying degrees. The escalation in rates is primarily attributed to the enhanced risk premiums necessary for securing fixed-price energy contracts amidst a fluctuating market environment.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) has concluded the 23rd Basic Generation Service (BGS) electricity auction, leading to an adjustment in electricity rates effective June 1, 2024. This adjustment will influence electricity costs for residential customers and small to medium-sized businesses serviced by the state's four major Electric Distribution Companies (EDCs): Atlantic City Electric Company (ACE), Jersey Central Power & Light Company (JCP&L), Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSE&G), and Rockland Electric Company (RECO).

The BGS auction, key to determining electricity costs, will result in higher prices this year. This is due to the escalated costs of generating energy and the challenges of maintaining fixed-price contracts in a fluctuating market. Accordingly, the average electricity bill for residential and small commercial customers is expected to increase by 3.6% to 8.6%, depending on their provider. JCP&L customers will see the largest rise at 8.6%, while RECO customers will have the smallest increase at 3.6%.

It is important to highlight that, despite a recent decrease in energy market prices, the auction prices were higher due to the contracts expiring this year, which were initially secured at a lower energy cost three years ago.

The auction, orchestrated by NERA Economic Consulting from February 2 to February 6, aimed to secure electricity for approximately one-third of New Jersey's residential and small business needs over the next three years, complementing the supply from previous auctions. It encompasses both Commercial and Industrial Energy Price (CIEP) service for larger consumers and Residential and Small Commercial Pricing (RSCP) service for smaller entities.

While the CIEP service, pertinent to large commercial and industrial customers, will also see a price increase, this adjustment only reflects costs associated with capacity and Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). Final supply costs in each EDC zone will additionally incorporate spot energy costs.

For those operating small to medium-sized businesses in New Jersey, it's important to understand these forthcoming rate changes to effectively plan and manage energy budgets. Stanwich Energy offers assistance in developing procurement strategies that aim to mitigate the effects of rising BGS costs on the energy expenses of end users.

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