City of Philadelphia Releases 2019 Energy Benchmarking Report

City of Philadelphia Releases 2019 Energy Benchmarking Report


The city of Philadelphia has released their 2019 report on the energy benchmarking that has been submitted by all buildings over 50,000 square feet.

The Key Findings from the report are:

  • Since 2013, there has been at least a 12% reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions from buildings participating in the program.
  • Since 2013, Philadelphia’s benchmarked buildings have demonstrated a 5% reduction in overall energy use and over half of all buildings reported every year have achieved energy savings.
  • Since the start of the program, there has been a 53% growth in nationally recognized energy efficient buildings.
  • The three building sectors with the largest contribution to GHGs are Colleges/Universities, Offices, and Multifamily buildings.
  • The average building in Philadelphia is performing slightly better than the national median with an ENERGY STAR score of 55; however, thousands of buildings fall below this score, demonstrating the opportunity to improve energy efficiency in our city’s building stock.

To read the report in its entirety, please visit the city's website here.