New York City Publishes Guidance on Local Law 33

New York City Publishes Guidance on Local Law 33


The New York City Department of Buildings has published guidance on Local Law 33 – the law stating that buildings over 25,000 square feet will need to post an energy efficiency grade at all entrances to the building.

The grade will be based on the Local Law 84 data submitted for the previous year, and will be an A, B, C, or D, similar to health code grades that can be seen on restaurants. Typically, Local Law 84 data must be submitted by May 1 of each year. However, due to COVID-19, buildings have until August 1, 2020 to amend or submit their data. Following that, in October, the grade sheet to be posted at public entrances will be available on the DOB NOW portal. It must be posted by October 31.

To read the DOB's LL33 guidance in its entirety, please view the publication here.

If you have any questions regarding your building's letter grade or need assistance submitting benchmarking for Local Law 84, please contact Stanwich Energy Advisors.